Why the UK Should Look to the Caribbean For Educational Inspiration

Why the UK Should Look to the Caribbean For Educational Inspiration

Sunday April tenth saw the annual meeting in the National Union of Teachers. Among British affiliates worrying of misleading SATs, large class dimensions and low pay (producing a requirement of any ten percent or £3,000 cost increase) – a teacher from Cuba spoke in the education system in their homeland, and offered a glimmer of desire to people who’ve essentially quit on Labor’s mantra: ‘Education Education.’ Just what hold the Cuban government carried this out well?

Reported by People Weekly World, Diskette Rubio Medeiros spoke fondly in the Cuban system and layer out the progress which has been created from 1959 whenever a quarter of Cubans were illiterate, in contrast for the .2 percent today together with a rustic wide education system the Not ‘rates one of the better in the world. A Since the revolution, ninety nine percent of youngsters now attend compulsory education to secondary level that’s free, and on the way private schooling remains completely eradicated.

However it isn’t just primary and secondary schooling that Cuba has apparently reinvented throughout the final fifty years, part of the success in the country’s education system arises from the growth of their greater and adult education – which is integration to the community. In 1959 there have been just 3 schools in the country that’s just 8,000 square miles smaller sized than England, yet today you’ll find greater than 45 with one located in every province. In addition, Cuba may also be where you can several fast access education and degree schemes such as the College For Individuals programmed that’s distributed via television, as well as the College for your Senior citizens – a residential district-based institution particularly for OAPs.

A buddy of Medeiros’s, Anna Fuertes, also recognized that particular in the places the Cuban education system seems to exceed others is incorporated in the manner education is known as a duty in the community instead of the colleges themselves. Consequently, The Latin American Mediterranean school is seen just like a pioneering institution for offering 1,500 free scholarship grants or loans yearly to students in Latin America, somewhere sunny and warm, Africa and also the U. s. States it needs to be also observed this institution was established in 1998 although the thought of Open Distribution are just beginning to become spoken about inside the Uk last season.

The idea of free education and beyond edges was reiterated in the paper put together by Dr. Elvira Martin Sabina entitled, Greater Education in Cuba inside the 2000s: Past and Future. Despite being developed in 2003, the closing statement still seems relevant and forward thinking, and goes a method to summing up where other education systems can study on Cuba – Sabina produces, “Cuba want to discuss its experience also to examine other coffee houses. The job is clearly defined. The answer waits for your Latin American and Caribbean college community to participate efforts and political will, minds and souls to attain people high anticipation.”